The One-Armed Swordsman & The New One-Armed Swordsman @ New Beverly LA Sept. 16 & 17

New Beverly in LA is featuring TWO Chang Cheh one-armed hits this week with THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN and THE NEW ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN Sept. 16 & 17, 2015.


Starring Jimmy Wang Yu, Angela Pan / Directed by Chang Cheh

After losing his arm from one the strangest occurrences ever, disgraced Fang Kang (Jimmy Wang Yu) escapes and is nursed to health by a local village girl.  In the meantime, local warlords are killing off his former master’s clan.  After vowing a life of peace, will he be able to sit idly by while his former master is viciously attacked? (It’s a Chang Cheh movie, so you should know the answer)  This is the film that rocketed Jimmy Wang Yu to fame, and is considered a wuxia classic.


Starring David Chiang, Ti Lung, Lee Ching and Ku Feng / Directed by Chang Cheh

The original reboot before reboots were all the rage!  This time Chang Cheh infuses his classic story with a new crop of stars, including David Chiang as the NEW eponymous hero.

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New Beverly Cinema

7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


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