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FIVE DEADLY VENOMS Poster Sale 25% Off

My new FIVE DEADLY VENOMS is 25% off for the holidays.  Get it now for $15 for a limited time.  Posters are now available for purchase online on my Etsy store.  Sale ends Dec. 25, 2017. Purchase Five Deadly Venoms Poster Check out more loot in my shop. 

Crippled Avenger New Poster

CRIPPLED AVENGERS Fan Poster Illustration

My latest fan poster design featuring another Shaw Brothers Venom's classic: CRIPPLED AVENGERS (aka RETURN OF THE FIVE VENOMS.)  A brutal tale of a warlord who cripples the local townsfolk at the most minor slight.  Five of his victims unite to get revenge on the


What makes a forest delightful?  Chang Cheh teaming up with Ti Lung? THE DELIGHTFUL FOREST (1972) Starring: Ti Lung, Tin Ching, Zhu Mu, Lee Man Tai Directed by: Chang Cheh Action Directors: Tang Chia, Lau Kar-leung, Lau Kar-wing, Chen Chuan Studio:  Shaw Brothers This story is based after the tale of