Shaw Brothers’ FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 (1978): Review
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Shaw Brothers’ FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 (1978): Review

Shaw Brothers’ FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 (1978): Review

The deadliest weapon in wuxia returns in the epic Shaw Brothers’ movie FLYING GUILLOTINE 2.

FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 (1978) aka Palace Carnage

starring: Ti Lung, Ku Feng , Shih Szu, Lo Lieh
Directors: Cheng Kang & Hua Shan
action: Tang Chia

The plot is about as amazing as you would hope for in a movie with the words “flying guillotine” in the title.

It’s the evil Manchus again.  The evil emperor (Ku Feng) wants to wipe out the Han and rule with an iron fist.  A small band of rebels form to fight back.  However, the only thing stopping them is the kingdom’s deadliest weapon: the flying guillotine, a bladed basket on a chain that is thrown on top of its victims head which then unceremoniously decapitates its victim.  What’s worse, the weakness that was exploited at the end of the first movie has been eliminated with a (believe me) super genius upgrade.  Will the rebels be able to overcome the martial world’s most diabolical weapon?

I definitely enjoyed this movie better than the original, as it’s much faster paced, its performances feel stronger and the plot is even more bonkers.  Most importantly, the fight sequences are high caliber for the era, which is not a surprise when you find out the choreography is led by Tang Chia, one of the best choreographers of the Shaw Brothers era.  His body of work is always stupendous with high intensity and fantastical direction.


THE FLYING GUILLOTINE 2 is a fun movie that takes it up several notches from the first movie with impressive fights, wonderful performances, and the martial world’s most deadliest weapon.  Highly recommended.

Kung Fu Rating: [usr 4] Story Rating: [usr 4]

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