Watch the Animated 2-BIT LEGENDS: THE TALE OF NINJA GAIDEN, a Visit to an Arcade Classic

Watch a tribute to the arcade classic in our first animated episode of 2-BIT LEGENDS:  THE TALE OF NINJA GAIDEN!

In the premiere episode, I look back at the excitement of one particular arcade game that even most of my friends were unfamiliar with at the time: Ninja Gaiden.  Though most people were familiar with the classic NES versions, it was based on a less well-known arcade game by the same publisher.  It was always a highlight to visit the arcade and see the newest games, and this episode focuses on why this game really resonated with me.

Posted on March 16, 2016 in 2-Bit Legends

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Aaron Andersen is the creative director of Legendary Weapons of LA. He's a designer, animator and avid fan of kung fu cinema.

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