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MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS & MACHETE KILLS Double Feature @ NewBev Sept 21-23

MACHETE KILLS and MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS are the featured Grindhouse flicks @ New Beverly, between September, 2017.

THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN Double Feature Playing through February @ New Beverly

The New Beverly, LA will be showcasing THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN double feature playing EVERY Tuesday in the month of February Feb. 7-28, 2016.

Lo Lieh Double Feature Sept. 23/24, 2015: FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH and FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS @ New Beverly, LA (UPDATED)

This week The New Beverly presents two classics starring one my favorite iconic Shaw Brothers stars:  Lo Lieh!

Shaw Bros. THE BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS and HUMAN LANTERNS Sept. 22 @ The New Beverly Cinema, LA

Shaw Bros. Tribute continues at The New Beverly Cinema in LA Sept. 22, 2015 with sexploitation and horror works: THE BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS and HUMAN LANTERNS. THE BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS (1973) 7:30 197 min starring Lo Lieh, Birtie Tove / directed by Kuei Chih Hung Shaw Brothers double feature starts of with their…

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Sept. 19 Midnight The Kid with the Golden Arm @ New Beverly LA

This Saturday at midnight!  The Venom Mob classic:  THE KID WITH THE GOLDEN ARM @ New Beverly Cinema, LA September 19, 2015.

Black Magic & The Boxer’s Omen Double Feature @ New Beverly LA Sept 15

New Beverly’s month long tribute to Shaw Brothers continues with a classic horror double feature!

Chinese Hercules and The Black Dragon playing @ The New Beverly LA May 5

If you’re in LA, you have a chance to see 2 vintage kung fu movies on the big screen at The New Beverly, both having NOTHING to do with Bruce Lee.  Though they do like to mention him!  Coming May 5th.

The Blade and King of Beggars @ The New Beverly March 31

If you’re in LA, catch Tsui Hark’s The Blade and Stephen Chow in The King of Beggars on the big screen March 31st!  The New Beverly is finishing off their month long ode to the nineties with these two classic kung fu flicks.

John Woo’s The Killer and Once a Thief @ New Beverly March 17

The New Beverly Theatre features 2 classic “gun fu” classics The Killer and Once a Thief on March 17. 

Super Cop Jackie Chan

Supercop on the Big Screen March 7th New Beverly

On Saturday Night March 7th the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles will be featuring Jackie Chan’s Super Cop on the big screen!  Midnight showing.

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