Lo Lieh Double Feature Sept. 23/24, 2015: FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH and FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS @ New Beverly, LA (UPDATED)

This week The New Beverly presents two classics starring one my favorite iconic Shaw Brothers stars:  Lo Lieh!UPDATE:  I wondered why they titled the Sept. 23rd event night with one title and Sept. 24th night with the alternate title, since they are seemingly the same movie.  Turns out they are showing the same movie 2 different ways, so you might want to schedule according to taste!  Tonight is FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (aka KING BOXER) English-dubbed.  Tomorrow night is KING BOXER original Chinese version with English subtitles.

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September 23 and 24,2015 feature FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH and FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS starting at 7:30pm.

FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (aka KING BOXER) (1972) 7:30 pm – 104 min.

starring Lo Lieh, Wang Ping, Wong Gam-Fung, Tien Feng / directed by Jeng Cheong-Woh

One of the rare instances where he plays the hero, Lo Lieh is Chin Hao, a young martial artist who must master his skills to avenge his master in an upcoming tournament.  The always enjoyable Tien Feng stars as the evil leader of the rival clan.

Though originally called KING BOXER in the East, Westerners knew it by its much more badass title FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH.  It was one of the first big crossover hits and is credited for helping start the kung fu craze over in America just before the era of Bruce Lee.

FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS (1980) 9:35 pm – 98 min.

starring Lo Lieh, Gordon Liu, Kara Hui, Lam Fai-Wong, Johnny Wang Lung-Wei / directed by Lo Lieh

Considered an unofficial sequel/reboot to EXECUTIONERS OF SHAOLIN, FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS most famously features one of the most iconic villains in kung fu history, Pai Mei.  Loosely based on Taoist monk Bek Mei, the white eyebrowed master resonated with fans with his iconic white hair, deadly palm technique, and his unique ability to render his most delicate body parts into deadly weapons.   He would be resurrected again years later in a more heroic form in Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL VOL. 2.

New Beverly Sept. 23/24: Five Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer) and Fists of the White Lotus
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New Beverly Cinema

7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


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