Sammo Hung
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Sammo Hung Tag

CALL OF HEROES (2016): Review

What happens when you team up Eddie Peng, SHAOLIN's Benny Chan and legend Sammo Hung?  A surprisingly disappointing film.While the ingredients appear to be there, what follows is two hours of cartoonish spoon-fed drama peppered with overly wired CG fight scenes. CALL OF HEROES (2016) starring: Sean

RISE OF THE LEGEND Premiere in LA March 11

The Wong Fei-hung tradition continues with RISE OF THE LEGEND, premiering in Los Angeles March 11, 2016. After what almost feels like an eternity in absence, legendary folk hero Wong Fei-hung returns to the big screen.  Wong Fei-hung is one of the biggest characters of

Eastern Condors (1987) – Review

Eastern Condors is a Dirty Dozen-style feature where a rag-tag group of military convicts accept a suicide mission back into Vietnam to earn their freedom.  It also features some of the most epic fights and stunts in any Sammo movie I have ever seen. [youtube id="DZvdBvTXHuo"