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Mr. Vampire is back, but how does this one stand up to other Mr. Vampires?

Halloween Kung Fu Jiangshi Horror Guide

Halloween is coming up, and it’s the perfect season for watching these top “Jiangshi,” or “hopping vampire” movies. 

HEROES SHED NO TEARS / EASTERN CONDORS Double Feature @ New Beverly March 28

New Beverly showcases 2 of Hong Kong’s greatest directors with the epic ragtag gun-fu war stories HEROES SHED NO TEARS and EASTERN CONDORS March 28, 2017. HEROES SHED NO TEARS (1986) Starring:  Eddy Ko, Lam Ching-ying directed by:  John Woo An early John Woo film starring HK veterans Eddy Ko and our favorite one-browed priest…

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Eastern Condors (1987) – Review

Eastern Condors is a Dirty Dozen-style feature where a rag-tag group of military convicts accept a suicide mission back into Vietnam to earn their freedom.  It also features some of the most epic fights and stunts in any Sammo movie I have ever seen. First off, it’s directed and starring Sammo Hung Kam-bo, one of…

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