Guan Yu – Donnie Yen

Quick motion graphics piece I did of Donnie Yen’s performance of Guan Yu in The Lost Bladesman.  It’s based on one the tales of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Chen Kuan-Tai

Watched a couple of Chen Kwan-Tai movies this weekend and was inspired to create a portrait of the man, the legend!

Come Drink with Me

I revisited and completely redid my drawing of Cheng Pei-Pei as Golden Swallow from the classic kung-fu flick “Come Drink with Me.” Hopefully will be bringing some of my designs to t-shirts soon.

Tai Chi Hero

A drawing I did based on the movie Tai Chi Hero of the character played by one of my favorite all-time HK stars, Yuen Biao.  It’s a sweet kung-fu flick in the vein of Scott Pilgrim and Kung Fu Hustle.

Another Chapter

A random sketch of a guy growing a little bit older.

Drop Dead

A new drawing of an old character from my archives.

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