Trope-along Valley

My tribute to the classic spaghetti western intros. The intro features some of my character designs for an independent project of the same name. The track is a remix of the classic NES Gun.Smoke theme by Gux.

Phase One Foundation

Promotional video for the PHASE ONE Foundation charity. The entire piece was storyboarded, animated and directed by Aaron Andersen.  Original soundtrack composed by Tom Zehnder.  Conceptualized, written and produced by Leanna Creel of Creel Studio. PHASE ONE funds Phase I trials and research to help in the fight against cancer.

What is Health Research Trailer

Created motion graphics and edited trailer for “What is Health Research?” educational video. [/one_half_last]

CIRCQL Title Design

Created style guide, title design and motion graphics for cross-culture educational video series.  

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