Drunken Master Poster

Fan poster of the classic Jackie Chan movie DRUNKEN MASTER.  Digital illustration

Gordon Liu Animated GIF

Animated GIF of Hong Kong legend Gordon Liu as San Te.  Digitally illustrated.  Photoshop and After Effects

Crippled Avengers Poster

Fan poster of Shaw Brothers classic movie CRIPPLED AVENGERS (aka RETURN OF THE FIVE DEADLY VENOMS).  24″x18″ Digitally illustrated.  Available on featured items in the shop.

Smokey Bear Infographics

Created designs and illustrations for series of infographics for Smokey Bear  social media campaign, driven by HelpGood.  In charge of art direction and design.  

5 Deadly Venoms

Five Deadly Venoms Movie Poster

Personal Illustrated version of Chang Cheh’s FIVE DEADLY VENOMS movie poster. 40″ x 27″ Digitally painted

Keep America Beautiful Animated GIF’s

via GIPHY Designed and animated various animated GIF’s for a variety of Keep America Beautiful social media campaigns.

Meet the Patels

Worked with director to provide a variety of supplemental artwork and animation for indie film Meet the Patels.  Work included: providing Flash animation for retakes, drawing new artwork and storyboards, and compositing final scenes.  

Man with the Iron Fists

Illustrated, illustrated and animated personal fan project based on RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists movie (2012).

Next Generation Nepal

Created original motion graphics piece to educate people what the non-profit organization Next Generation Nepal is all about.  Storyboarded, animated and directed the piece. Produced by Creel Studio.  Music by Heather Reid.  

TEACH.org Infographics

Designed and illustrated infographics for TEACH.org facebook posts.

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