CHLA – Helping Hands

Created lower 3rds and graphics for Helping Hands project for Children’s Hospital of LA. Produced by Creel Studio  

Old Navy – Road Trip Graphics

Created title cards, lower thirds, and embellishment animations for Old Navy “Road Trip” series starring Emily & Meritt. Produced by Creel Studio for Old Navy – List Videos

Created two videos for to encourage young adults to pursue a rewarding career in teaching.  We took the already established color palette and feel from their existing brand and added the iconographic figure art used in the infographics we produced on a different project.  Responsible for storyboarding, animating and directing.  Produced by Helpsgood.

Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Created and animated promotional video for the non-profit Tower Cancer Research Foundation.  Responsible for storyboarding, animating and directing the piece.  Produced by Creel Studio.  Music by Tom Zehnder. Infographics

Designed and illustrated infographics for facebook posts.


Created title card designs for concept piece for Ceviche project.  Produced by Creel Studio.  

Anchor Baby

Anchor Baby

Designed title card and lower 3rds of the independent film Anchor Baby.  Created the animated title card as well as supplemental animations throughout. Produced and Directed by Mason Funk and Leanna Creel.  Music by Tom Zehnder and Z The Band.

The Rider Challenge

The Rider Challenge

Created the style guide, animations, templates and opening title card animation  for “The Rider Challenge” web series.  Produced by Mr. Nice LLC.

New York Collaborates for Autism

Provided designs and illustrations for NYCA New York Collaborates for Autism.

The Soho House

Created title treatment and opening title segment for The Soho House promotional video.  Produced are Creel Studio

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