Phase One 2013 – Seeds of Hope

Project Description

Second promotional video for the PHASE ONE Foundation charity, designed to inform people what PHASE ONE is all about and why it’s important to support.  The entire piece was storyboarded, animated and directed by Aaron Andersen.  Original soundtrack composed and performed by Heather Reid.  Conceptualized, written and produced by Leanna Creel of Creel Studio.

PHASE ONE hopes that its efforts to fund Phase I trials and research will help in the fight against cancer by finding treatments that will transform what might be a terminal illness into one where patients can live a full and productive life.

Seeds of Hope - Plant Seeds Now P1_2013_SeedsOfHope_GrowingProb P1_2013_SeedsOfHope__LetsPrep Seeds Of Hope - Cancer Research P1_2013_SeedsOfHope_Grow


Project Details

Client: Phase One Foundation

Tags: Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics, non-profit

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