The Super-Amazing Never-Hyperbolized World of Darts

Phil Taylor Professional Darts

So over the past year or so I’ve rediscovered watching professional darts, and I secretly love it.  However, my true enjoyment comes not from watching the actual play, but rather from the emphatic performances from within the commentator box.  These guys really, really like darts.

But first, the walk ons!

Like prize fighters before a title bout, the big dart players walk up to the match with great fanfare.  Each player has a unique nickname and is accompanied by a luxurious walk-on girl and their own theme song.

Once the ceremony is out of the way, we can get to the meat of the action!

Tungsten Fantasy

I know I sometimes dream about darts.

Lit’rally Laughable

They seem to be lit’rally going insane.

Sid Waddell

We did truly lose a great one in Sid Waddell, who sadly passed away in 2012.  However, here are some highlights…

Delicate Surgery

 Pure Telly Sport

Truly artists at work.

Greatest Moment in Sporting History

Tell the grandkids about that one.


Not to be outdone, the referees also add to the intense drama unfolding at the oche.  The top referees all have their signature “180” call.  A 180 is hitting 3 triple 20’s, the highest possible score a player can get in 501.

Russ Bray

Yes, that is his every day voice.

George Noble

aka “The Puppy.”  My personal favorite 180 call.

Super Bowl might be coming up, but I couldn’t be bothered with such pedestrian affairs.  I’ll be watching darts.

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