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Sept. 19 Midnight The Kid with the Golden Arm @ New Beverly LA

This Saturday at midnight!  The Venom Mob classic:  THE KID WITH THE GOLDEN ARM @ New Beverly Cinema, LA September 19, 2015.

The One-Armed Swordsman & The New One-Armed Swordsman @ New Beverly LA Sept. 16 & 17

New Beverly in LA is featuring TWO Chang Cheh one-armed hits this week with THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN and THE NEW ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN Sept. 16 & 17, 2015.

Black Magic & The Boxer’s Omen Double Feature @ New Beverly LA Sept 15

New Beverly’s month long tribute to Shaw Brothers continues with a classic horror double feature!

36th Chamber of Shaolin & 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Sept. 9 & 10 @ New Beverly, LA

The Tribute to Shaw Brothers month at The New Beverly continues with two of Lau Kar-leung’s best movies.

Duel of the Iron Fist, Super Man Chu Sept. 8 @ New Beverly, LA

The first double feature of the Tribute to Shaw Brothers month at The New Beverly starts off with two grindhouse classics.

Shaw Brothers

Tribute to Shaw Brothers Movies All September @ New Beverly, LA

After a couple of dry months, The New Beverly Cinema is dedicating September to the films of the Shaw Brothers starting tonight!

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Playing Every Friday through June @ New Beverly in LA

The Bride returns all June in LA!  Kill Bill Vol. 2 is playing at midnight screenings June 5, 12, 19 & 26 @ The New Beverly, LA!

Jackie Chan’s New Movie Police Story: Lockdown premiering June 5 Arena Theatre, LA

Jackie Chan’s newest installment of his Police Story saga, POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN is premiering in LA June 5th @ the Arena Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Jackie Chan Double Double Feature Hollywood Egyptian May 22 & 23 LA

Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood is playing two Jackie Chan Double Features this week! It’s a double-double Jackie feature!

Dolph Lundgren Appearing @ Skin Trade Premiere Tonight May 6 @ Egyptian Theatre LA

Catch Tony Jaa’s new movie Skin Trade tonight at 7:30 at the Egyptian Theatre.  Dolph Lundgren will be there in person!

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