Holiday Sale: Shaw Brothers Posters 25% Off

Get both FIVE DEADLY VENOMS and CRIPPLED AVENGERS posters on sale now at 25% off.  Purchase both together as a combo for additional savings, plus get free shipping.  Sale ends Dec. 25.  Posters are now available for purchase online on my Etsy store.


Announcing the release of the new poster for the Shaw Brothers classic CRIPPLED AVENGERS! 

Holiday Sale: FIVE DEADLY VENOMS Poster 50% off

Get the FIVE DEADLY VENOMS at 50% off for the holidays.  Get it now for $10 for a limited time.


Finally finished my new poster design for Jackie Chan’s classic DRUNKEN MASTER (1977). 

Review: JAILBREAK (2017)

Cambodia’s first foray into martial arts movies makes us excited for more to come from Cambodia. 

Review: KILLER CLANS (1976)

This is what happens when two diabolical clans go to war, Shaw Brothers style!

Epic Shaw Brothers Double Features this week @ The Egyptian Theatre, LA June 28-30, 2018

It’s been a while, but The Egyptian Theatre is ending a long drought of kung fu flicks in LA with a 3-day double feature marathon of classic Shaw Brothers movies! 

Another Shaw Production PSD Template

Customize Your Photos with “Another Shaw Production” Template

Accent your life by adding more Shaw Brothers to your photos.

Flying Guillotine T-Shirt

New T-Shirt – Flying Guillotine

Check out my new Masters of Flying Guillotine t-shirt available in my Threadless store!  Hopefully more to come soon.

FATAL CONTACT (2006): Review

An excellent Wu Jing performance surrounded by a terrible Wu Jing performance.

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